Group Members

Staff Sergeant Martin Dewhurst


Martin was a serving member of the Royal Navy for 13 years, during this time he had the opportunity to travel the world and learn alot about the history of the forces.


A trip to normandy for the celebration of the 70 anniversary of D-day led by Peter was the catalyst for the formation of this group.


Martin is the groups admin and co-founder, and outside of the group his interests are scale model making and hiking.

Warrant Officer 2nd Class Peter Grist


Pete served in the british army for many years before leaving to become a driving instructor, author and classic car enthusiast.


Peter is the groups co-founder and vehicle manager, and outside of the group enjoys scale model making, kayaking and running.



Sergeant Colin Taylor


Colin is the owner of a succesful timber framing company in herefordshire and a history enthusiast.


Colin is the groups construction engineer and has provided the team with some fantastic buildings and props


Corporal / Major Kathryn Taylor


Kath is Colins lovely wife and works with him at the timber framing company.


Kath is the groups nurse and assistant administrator

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